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Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a TV show? Or like your life could *be* a TV show? I swear, sometimes I think I should go on a hunt for the hidden camera. See, I went back to my old town in New York for a week-long visit, and there were just some parts of it that felt like they were straight out of some after-school sitcom. Like when we went to see my old house, I could just hear the sappy music playing. Or when I saw everybody I hadn't seen in more than a year. And a bunch of other times. It was great to see them all! They've grown a lot, as have I. We spent so much time just talking, especially me and the girl I was staying with, Bri. She's really nice, and we've been good friends for years. It was great to catch up with them, but I was so sad when I left, I cried most of the way back here. But it's better now than it was when I had to leave the first time, cause I've got really good friends here now, and then I didn't know anybody. It was really nice, cause the day I got home Michelle and Lisa came over and I felt better, and then Bree came over too, and we all went out and me and Bree ended up talking for hours and hours, literally for almost 6 hours just us, and it was amazing cause she's this really deep insightful person and we were talking of all things about the purpose of life and actually everything else too, and it was really cool. And then today I went shopping and got a ton of new clothes. And I got to talk to my little sister, who I'm only going to see for a day before I have to leave, and who I haven't seen for almost two weeks already! Poor kid says she's going to miss me, which from her is quite an admission. She's a cutie, and I'm going to miss her too, but I'll write, and she'll write, and it'll be fine. So I'm happy.

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