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I really haven't updated this thing in forever, have I? Not that it really matters, since I highly doubt anybody but maybe sometimes Bri actually reads this drivel, but that's okay, cause I like writing it, and I've finally got some spare time, so you get to listen to me babble. Babblebabblebabble. Done now. No, really I'm not, but I've had a couple too many cups of cappucino from the nummy machine in the Bar Fork - wait a minute. I'd better start over. Hi. I'm at boarding school! It's the end of my second day of classes, and I am in love with this school already. I'm having so much fun! I can't find Lila anywhere, but I haven't REALLY been looking, so... But her bike's outside, so she should be here. But maybe she went on the movie bus. That would explain it. And she's probably back at the dorm by now, scratching on my door (the students scratch, the teachers knock. Don't ask.) and calling me babe. But I'm not in there, so she's actually calling my computer babe, and that's just wierd. Okay, that was random. Anyhow. Too much nummy cappucino, I told you! Okay. So, it's the weekend for a couple days, I can settle in and relax until 7:10 on Sunday, because I have proctored study (ugh) in the Science building, which is a five-minute bike ride from the dorms, and since I have proctored study at 7:15, I have to fly. But until then, I'm freeeeeee! I love this school! Bother-free weekends. Maybe I'll dig up Andy from the New Boys and get him to go somewhere with me. And I'm supposed to go to town with Pasang (my roommate) at some point. And if I ever run into Lila, we'll do something. And then there's movies. We were watching the Little Mermaid in the dorm tonight before I came up to the computer lab to do this, and it made me think of my friend Bri, also known as http://brirose.diaryland.com. No, I am not in the mood to make that a link, so you can get your big. That's a phrase I got from the other Bree, who I'm almost ashamed to say I'm not missing as much as I thought I would. I'm just so busy! I'm sure I will... And I'll stop putting it off and call her this weekend. Maybe she'll have a boyfriend, or something, and that'll be good. Easier that way, and all. I just realized that nobody (except Bri) reading this has any idea why it should matter. But I'm not going to tell you if you're not smart enough to figure it out for yourself. So there. I did mention that I was bi, right? If I didn't then you REALLY wouldn't be able to get it. But now I have, if I hadn't before, and if you don't get it now you're just stupid. But that's not important. I love this school! The mountains are so pretty! Shiiny, in the words of Lads. Or whoever she got it from. I wonder why we talk like the people we hang out with. I like it. I'm bored now, and going to go. If I have any news, I'll update. Luv you all, even those I don't know, and no, I'm not under the influence of anything but caffiene and the thought of a free weekend.

Luv yas


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