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Today was day-like. Nothing really good, nothing really awful. I had my first day of blacksmithing today. I got filthy, but it was fun. Fire and iron and steel, oh my! I'm such a pyro. My teacher looks like Santa in overalls, right down to the big white beard. He's really sweet unless you get him mad at you. Then he yells really hard for a minute, but then he's back to being nice. He's a good smith, too. Before that, I had all my classes. We're reading and discussing Genesis (the beginning of the Old Testament) in Western Civ, which I find really cool, cause you can't do stuff like that in public school. And they're really honest about it, and they let us say what we mean, instead of what they want us to say. So it's really good. And Sculpture's fun. I'm not a very artistic person, except in Drama, which I turned out to be pretty good at but there's no Drama class here so I'm in Sculpture. I actually made a good clay thing today. Next I get to pound on a big rock with a hammer and chisel until it looks like the clay thing. It's a fairy sitting with her arms wrapped around her knees looking pensive. Or, it will be. For now it's just a hunk of alabaster. Those are my two most interesting classes. Oh, but Lila transfered into my math class, which is cool cause now I have somebody to talk to. She calls me an elf. I don't think I look very much like an elf. Well, yes, I'm small and I have an elfin face, but my ears aren't pointy enough. Anyway. So after blacksmithing, which ends at five, we (me and Lila) went out for dinner. No, first we took showers, cause we were both gross and dirty from active curriculum, which is sports and work crew. There are times I love dorm showers, all four in a row. You can talk to people while you're showering. Not such a lonely activity anymore. Riiiight, you say as you lock me away. But anyway. So after that we went out for dinner on our bikes. We were going to go to Peppino's Pizza, but we were afraid we'd be late so we went to White House Pizza instead. Of course, they don't _do_ pizza by the slice, so we got mozzarella sticks and pizza bread and a salad to share. I'm sure you all care so much, too. Anyway, we spent the entire time going on about how late we were going to be for evening study (where I am now) and then we were actually early. Oh, the irony of it all. We had fun, though. Laughed a lot. And now we know how much time it takes us to get places. We still have to go to Peppino's, though. It's supposed to be really good, but the one time we were there we had no money, and then we haven't had time since then. I still have soot on my hands. Yech. Okay, that's pretty much all I did today. After this I have to get right back to the dorm and we're going to City Market. I need soda. Actually, I need more caffeine like I need a hole in the head, but I'm going to get soda. I miss my Mountain Dew. Also I'm going to get candy. Dorms are not dorms without little creatures running around, after all. I have to remember not to drink cappuccino without my lactaid pills. I drink so much of it, like a mug between each class and two or three free periods, and while it was okay at first since I'm relativly mildly intolerant, especially when I'm not stressed out, I can't put that much of a strain on things or I do what I nearly did in Blacksmithing today; puke all over the floor and anything near me, then roll up in a little ball, have cramps and moan for a couple hours. It's not fun or pretty, so I try to avoid it. So I must carry around my lactaid. It's not like my mother didn't send me 7 boxes of the stuff. At 60 caplets a box, and at the rate I go through that coffe, it should last me about a month! No, not really. I just have to be careful. I can't believe I'm writing about this. I'm done now.

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