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Happy infants run rampant over my nose. I've been invited to somebody's house for a weekend sometime. I feel loved. Yesterday three different people I've only known for a week said they luved me. Elly cause I dyed her hair, Shaina cause Joe said I was cool, and I forget who the third person was but all the same. Today I have blue fingers (dying Elly's hair blue) and two more people who want different colored hair. I think I'm a bad influence on these freshmen. I feel all special, being one of the three sophomores in the dorm full of younglings. Anyway, Lila wants to streak hers red and Katherine, on of our dorm mommies is getting a streak of purple, whether she really _wants_ it or not is irrelevent. So I'm going to have rainbow hands to match my rainbow hair. Elly reminds me an awful lot of this girl I know from New York called Dana. They look the same, talk the same, act the same... it's scary, except not, cause I like Dana, having been friends with her for four years. Five? Wow. Five. I wrote a poem yesterday. But it sucks, cause I don't write poetry, I write sci-fi/fantasy. I went to City Market yesterday on the bus for the first time. Lila went with me, and Lera, so all three of the "pagan chicks" at the school were there. Lera pointed out that it was an esbat, so me and Lila got cakes and ale (well, ginger snaps and Soba, but close enough) under the theory that we're going to consecrate them. It's damn hard to have a real ritual when you're not allowed open flame, either in the dorms or outside. But this'll do. Agh! I've gotta go! I'm LATE FOR SOMETHING! I'm always late for SOMETHING, though, so it's okay. What am I late for just now? I'm not sure. I should probably figure it out before I go dashing off in random directions and crash into walls. I believe it's algebra. Which is thataway. AAAAAGH! Door. Find the door. Okay, there's the door. Now I'm really going.

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