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I realize the last entry didn't make much sense, but it wasn't supposed to. These things don't all have to make sense, do they? Okay, I want to know if people actually read this junk that I write. If you read this, and you have the time, send me an e-mail. I don't know that I'll respond, and I don't mean anything that's nine pages long criticizing my writing style, either, cause you can just get your bigs. I just want to know if anybody besides the Bri actually reads this. Anyway, now for actual news.

I am a resident of insanityland, also known as the OGD. Old Girls Dorm, which is ironically enough a mostly freshmen girls dorm. Old dorm for new girls. It works. Anyway, its true name is insanityland. We had a bathroom party last night! See, one of our two dorm mothers said she had wanted to dye her hair purple for fifteen years, and since I had the dye, she let us put a purple streak in it. How cool is that? I mean, in how many schools are you allowed to dye your english teacher's hair purple? So I was doing that, when Lila, my new best friend (in her words) walked in. She had wanted red streaks in hers, so I told her to go get changed and we'd do them right after Katherine's. Then while we were doing that and waiting for Katherine to finish her shower so we could see her hair, Rachel wandered in and helped me with Lila's. At some point somebody brought in a boom box, and we put on Tragic Kingdom. So we finished Lila's hair, then while we were waiting for it to dry she started playing with makeup on Rachel. So Shaina decided she wanted to do mine, and I said okay. I considered doing what I usually do and being a shy elf, but decided against it, and let her play. She made my eyes all dark and silvery and my lips all bright red and parted my hair on the side. While she was doing that, Lila was doing Rachel, and then they took a bunch of model-mocking pictures. You know, with the sultry looks and the blowing kisses and the contortions. It was funny. I managed to escape with just normal pictures, in a chair, after large amounts of tickling. I hate pictures, cause I'm really nonphotogenic. Then right after that, with us all made up and all of that, Andy walks in. Andy being the guy I kinda like. He had cookies, I think from his grandmother, that he had evidently decided to bring over and share with our dorm. I'm not really clear on why, since ours is the furthest away from his, but whatever... So I hid. More later. Okay, it's later. Yes, I hid behind the wall, but then realized that would just make it worse. So I came out and (I believe) blushed, and smiled and tried to look less embarrassed. After all, people wear makeup. It's allowed, damn it! Just cause I usually don't doesn't mean I can't. He looked comically suprised, but then Andrew (a teacher who looks like a student) came by and told him to "get the hell out of the girls bathroom, Andy!" Hey, they have the same name. I hadn't noticed that. I can be dense. (Kiss rocks? why would anybody want to - oh! I get it!) Anyway. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the look on his face. Just like, oh, my god, help! And I guess any guy would, when faced with a bathroom full of giggling girls giving each other makeovers. So he left, and Carla wandered in and Rachel gave her sharpie tattoos, and then Shaina got one too, and then we finally left the bathroom and went and watched The Little Mermaid and fell asleep in the common room. Then we watched it again in the morning cause nobody had seen it. Then I went to town with Pasang and Mandy and got Pasang her birthday present and got a glass Pepsi bottle for my bottle collection cause I'd never seen one before. Then we went back and had dinner and then I spent the rest of the night with Lila, wandering around and talking about friends and how sad growing apart from the best friend you grew up with is. And then we went and watched the bonfire and roasted marshmallows and sat in the swing together talking about magick and ouija boards and psychic phenomena. Then we went back to the dorm and went to sleep.

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