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I had a very eventful day yesterday. Actually, most of the day was quite uneventful; I woke up, went to classes, went to kayaking, had fun at the pool with Jessica slacking off from kayaking, came back, took a shower, got dressed in my favorite weekend outfit (my big ripped pants that I'm not allowed to wear to classes cause they're ripped and my little fire-sprite tee), and went back out into the common room with the intention of going to dinner. But then Lila was there, and we talked for a minute, but me and Jessica and Mandy had to go if we were going to get dinner at the Bar Fork, so we went. With Jessica on my handlebars. And Lila said we couldn't do it! Bah. But dinner at the Bar Fork was gross and mostly gone, so we went out, to Peppino's Pizza. And that's about when the eventful started.

We'd been at Peppino's for about 15 minutes when these two girls, about our age, came in and sat at the table next to ours and started talking really loudly about this girl, Chesca, who goes to our school but lives in town. Then one of them turns around and says she likes my hair. It's all rainbowey, for those who don't know. So I thank her and smile, and we go back to our respective conversations. Then somehow we kept talking to them, and I invited them over to sit with us. So we talked for a while, about people and guys and trouble and X. They seemed perfectly nice, and I invited them to come by the school later and hang out. Then Chesca came in. Missy and Teal (the girls we were sitting with) do NOT get along with Chesca. They hate her, she hates them. So Chesca sees us, especially me, talking to them, and she gets pissed. Comes over and sits next to me and tells me she's disappointed in me. I'm just like, riiight, good to know. She and Shaina and Joe and Dillon and Chrissy were going to this party, and said we/I should come along, but we decided against it. So Chesca left, and we made plans to meet Missy and Teal at the Subway and we'd all go back to here and hang out for a while. So they left, and Chesca came back, and we told her and she flipped out. Said that if she ever saw Missy at the school she'd tell the Headmaster and have her removed. We're all whoooaaa, and she tells us all these awfull stories about Missy, and we go uh-oh. I have a tendency to make friends with the wrong people when left on my own. It just happens. Might have something to do with the blue hair. Might not. Who knows? Anyhow. So then she got in a car and peeled off, saying she'd meet us at the dorm in 15 minutes. So we went to the Subway, or rather, I went to the Subway and the others went across the street to the City Market, and I wriggled out of bringing Missy and Teal back with us.

Then we went back to the dorm, which was an adventure of its own. Never try riding a bike in the pitch dark of a country road at 9:30 with somebody on your handlebars. We fell in the ditch and I think I sprained my ankle cause it hurts now. So anyway, we got back, and Chesca did _not_ show up, and Lila wasn't there, and then Jessica left. Then Pasang came back, and we three went to the computer lab and then I went back to the dorm but there was nobody there so I went to the Crystal and watched Cruel Intentions for the hundreth time. We have 4 movies that we watch constantly every weekend; Cruel Intentions, The Craft, Erin Brokovich, and The Little Mermaid. Anyhow, I watched the end of that with them, and then went and hung out with Louisa and Satomi in Louisa's room and talked for a while. Then Jules comes in and says I have a phone call. Seeing as how nobody ever calls me unless I call them first, I was confused. So I asked her, and she says, looking all worried, "I dunno. Lila says something..." and I didn't hear the rest cause I took off at a run. I get into the dorm, Lila grabs me and drags me into my room. Shaina's on the phone. Lila tells me the reason nobody's been there is cause they've all been at this party. Shaina's drunk off her ass, as are Chrissy and Joe, at least. Shaina and Chrissy were in the dorm, so I got them to go to bed, and evidently Joe's brother grabbed him, so that was okay. Then Lila, who was just a little more drunk than she thought she was, told me about the party, I decided I was happy I wasn't there, and then Lila went to sleep in my room, and I talked to Rachel and Katie and Erica for a while and then went to bed. I had some very bizarre dreams, woke up crying at one point for no reason, woke up convinced there were owls on Pasang's bed at another point, and then got up at 9:20 and sat around the common room with everyone until 10 or so, then made tea for the hungover ones and woke Lila up cause her mom was coming today to take her away for the weekend. Spent the rest of the morning watching My Cousin Vinny, convincing Katie that she is a lot prettier than she thinks she is (the girl's beautiful, and has NO idea!) and talking to Lila until her family got there. Then I sat around the common room some more watching the Sixth Sense, an absolutely awful movie, and then I came up here. And that was my day. the end.

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