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Calm now... I realize the last entry was kind of strange, but it needed to be done. As the official therapy girl of the world, I do very little venting of my own. While that wasn't nearly everything I would like to bitch and moan about just now, it's a bunch of what I've been hiding from everyone for a long time, and it's kind of a relief to have it out there. So that's all for that.

I miss Amy. And Bree. And all my friends back home. I'm not homesick, exactly, but it's very strange being so far away, and not able to call all the time or anything. And when I think about it, I realize that I've only known my friends in Chicago for a year or so, and didn't really start being good friends with the people I eventually got to be good friends with until the middle of 9th grade. And I think of everything that's happened since I moved away from Pelham, and it's weird. I was talking to Anne the other day. Anne, who was once a good friend of mine, but who I haven't talked to since the early summer after I moved away, knew nothing about me anymore, not even that I was at boarding school. So we held a catch-up session, and I realized that I've done more of interest this past year than I had in most of the years of my life combined before that.


Rory, my boyfriend of seven months, who traded me virginities.

Various drugs, mainly pot and ecstasy, and the obligatory alcohol, though actually not all that much of anything.

Bree, my sorta/kinda girlfriend of threeish months, who made me certain of my bisexuality.

And a bunch of other stuff. It's just amazing, and I can't help but wonder what in the world I'm going to do this year. After all, I'll be fifteen in a little over a month, and there's not all that much left to do. Well, there is, but not that I would like to.

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