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Life is really very confusing. Thanks to Bri, I now know what caliente means, and I am not in the least reassured. But that's all right. It's been a good weekend. Friday, well, I described Friday in some detail in my last entry, so I'm not going to do so again. Then yesterday, Saturday, I went to the movies with Lila, Rachel, Danielle, Sean, Nick, Graham, the other Nick, and his friend Jake. We saw Bedazzled. It was a thoroughly pointless but hilarious movie. And I really, really, REALLY like Elizabeth Hurley as the Devil. Her outfits were fun. It was a good couple of hours. When we got back, I talked on the phone with Katie for an hour and a half about guys and people and life in general. It occurs to me that that's the first actual phone conversation I've had here with somebody who's not several hundred miles away. That's what comes of having all your friends living with you, I guess. That's really what boarding school is like, too. It's one big, yearlong slumber party. I mean, everyone would love it if their friends could move in with them, and this is what would happen if they really could. Except, you're not friends to start out with, but you get to be that way soon enough. It sounds like the greatest thing, and usually it is. Don't understand the math homework that you didn't start until twelve thirty? Well, sneak through the bathroom into your friend's room, and they'll explain it to you, and you can do it together and talk for a while and then sneak back to your room, no problem. No parents yelling about being awake too late and phones ringing at odd hours of the night/morning. Sometimes it's not that great, though. Tensions tend to build up, and then there's a giant meltdown that ends with everyone in tears and the therapy girls (me and Rachel) comforting everyone. It's chaos. But it's fun. I want to say something else but I'm not sure what it is, so come back later.

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