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Halloween at boarding school... Interesting experience. I took lots of pictures. About half the people dressed up. I wasn't going to, but I did cause Lila volunteered me for it. We were online at play practice last night and Oneal came in complaining that the third angel had bailed on her and Siobhan, and so she was looking for another brunette to do it. So Lila, who by the way is also darkhaired, says "Alana can do it!" I'm just like grrrrr. But I did. At least it gives me an excuse to wear my new shoes... But it also means that I'm wearing Danielle's shirt. I never realized that I had cleavage. I was wrong. It's really wierd. I scared poor Katherine. I walk into Civ all snapped up in my big warm coat, and she asks if I dressed up cause I'm also wearing makeup and these shoes, and I said yes and she said to let her see it, and so I took my coat off and she sort of gasps and Oneal cracks up and it was funny. Except that I blushed and hid. And Peter asked me what I was being, other than revealed. And he's my MATH TEACHER! And the guy I like didn't even look. Boo to dus. It's also Samhaine. There's two other pagan girls in my dorm, and I think we may do something. Yay. But there's a party at the NBD that Lila wants me to go to with her and Rachel and whoever else. The NBD being the junior/senior boys dorm. There's scary people there. Like, junior/senior guys! No, actually most of them are quite nice. And I may go. But it's only for boarders and the other 2/3 of my costume are day students and I'm NOT going by myself to a boys dorm dressed like this and we have to go in costume so I don't know what to do and I'm confused and errrr. Of course, Lila's in Danielle's short black vinyl/leather minidress. It's just a shame that the front of it doesn't exactly fit her. But her legs more than make up for it. She was teasing me in math class for the shirt, and I was teasing her for her endless legs. But I'm much more easily teasable than she is, so it didn't work out evenly. Brat.

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