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Lila's funny. She's drinking the absolute grossness that is the campus cappucino now, which used to be good but then stopped being good cause it's just mean and cruel like that. And she's adding random words to the spellchecker. Some poor exchange student or just random who can't spell is going to get on the computer, and try writing a paper about computers, and hit the wrong key and so say tomputer, and then when they do the spellchecker it's going to list "tompooter" as an option and they're going to be so overcaffinated and tired that they're going to hit "use for all" or whatever it is that MicroWord says, and they're going to end up writing a paper that would seem to be about some random things called tompooters. And we're going to giggle hysterically until someone slaps us. I've got purple fingers. We did the hair-dying thing Saturday night after our last performance out of three. Well, two and a half, cause a bunch of old people falling asleep in wheelchairs in the front row doesn't really count as an audience, hence it was not a performance. Speaking of old people, Bri wrote the cutest entry about all of us when we're all old and decrepit in a nursing home. I'm evidently going to be a hair-puller who starts fights in the hallways and tells "when I was a young thing" stories with Lada, trying to outdo her in craziness. Yeah, like that'll ever happen. The outdoing, not the trying. So anyway, back to hair-dying. We put red streaks in Lila's hair, and they look really cool. She's wearing this red shirt today, and I was walking by the doorway to the class she was in and she was sitting in front of the window and it looked like she was firey. I wish I could describe it better. She stayed with me in Civ today, and Kat's our dorm mom and luves us so she let her and it was fun. She's made up a new nickname for me. I've become Lanaley. I have no clue why or where this came from, but I said she could as long as she was the only one to use it. Then we just re-did the rainbow on mine. I love my hair this way. Blue-black except for the top layer, which is all red and purple and blue. I did some mixing and got the perfect color red. It looks cool on mine, where it's all really bright flamey red, and it looks cool on her, where it's ember-red, and it won't fade to orange or pink on mine way the two colors I mixed it from do. It'll stay red until it fades out completely. So I'm pleased. Well, this has been a completely random entry a la Lanni. Go see Bri. I wish I remembered how to do the linky thing, but I don't, so go to http://brirose.diaryland.com

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