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What is it with the recent compulsion of people to add little suffixes onto my name? I mean, I've been Lani and Lana for a long time, since Lada started it on the bench outside the library in seventh or eight grade. I can't believe I remember that... But anyhow. Those mostly make sense, though Lana and Lada got confusing while I was still there. But now with the suffixes! Lila started calling me Lanalae right before Thanksgiving break. I pretend to mind, but as Bri so tactlessly pointed out, she could call me Captain Underpants (where the hell did you come up with that, anyway?) and I probably wouldn't mind very much, because she's Lila. But it was still inordinately tactless of Bri to say so! And now Kat(therine), my favorite dorm mom, Civ teacher, and my newspaper editor, has started calling me Alanalou. Alanalou?! Alanalou. The things people come up with. But she says it nicely, so it's okay. And I think there's one more here, a la Rachel, and then somebody (Peter, maybe?) was calling me something else like those when I went home for break. It's just very puzzling.

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