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Yesterday was a good day. I like Tuesdays and Thursdays on the winter schedule because I only have three classes and then I get to do whatever I want from 11ish to 2, then from 4 to 7. But the winter schedule stole my sleep-in. I only had one a week anyhow! And now all the silly freshmen have doubles on Thursdays. Cesca was around for evening study even though she's a day student, and she got to spend it in my room since Tim's all nice and permissive and he was on duty. We like Tim. So we spent the entire 2 hours talking about sex. She didn't understand how girl-girl sex worked and so she asked me. I explained, with as little gory detail as possible. Then we were talking about just sex in general, and then about friendships and relationships. And somehow the conversation got around to Lila, cause Cesca thinks she's too young. For what, I don't know, but too young. She is only 13, and acts very much like it sometimes. And then we were talking about the way people are, and the way people interact, and she says that she and Danielle were talking about me and Lila and that they decided that they wouldn't be surprised if we ended up together in one way or another sometime. I was, how to put this, surprised. As in, jaw on the floor, are you fucking serious kind of surprised. Then Danielle came in, right on cue, and asks Cesca what we were talking about that I'm looking so bewildered. Except she didn't say bewildered. But all the same. And Cesca tells her, and she just sort of laughs and says yeah, and that Nik says so too. Nik's her boyfriend, who I know I never told I was bi. So I get all grrr and she says she didn't tell him, he was just watching me and Lila at some point and said that he wouldn't be suprised if we hooked up. Cue Lila to walk into the room. Cue all of us to crack up. Cue Lila to look perplexed and try to ignore us. Then study hall ended, Cesca got a call from her friend Hillary saying to get her ass to the gates within 2 minutes, Cesca leaves, I drag Danielle with me to City Market to get my pictures, clear gelatin, and mangoes, we get back, Lila's on the phone with her sister, I show Rachel my pics, I come back to the common room, Lila leaves the phone booth, goes up the hall to her own room, comes back into the common room via the hallway to my room in tears, goes back up the hallway to her room, I follow, sit next to her on the floor of her room listening to her cry her heart out and trying to comfort her. I'm not going to go into what was wrong, cause it's irrelevent and nobody's business, but let it suffice to say she was very upset. I'd never seen her cry before. So eventually I left her alone, went back to my room, sat and talked to Danielle for a while, then Rachel brought Lila in and we all tried to comfort her some more, and eventually we ended up at 2 in the morning, Danielle, Rachel, Lila, Ji-yeong, Pasang, and me all crammed into my little room, talking about, you guessed it, sex. And guys. And more sex. Rachel and I explained the concepts of blow jobs and of eating girls out to Ji-yeong and Pasang, we talked about guys, I shared a mango with Lila, she sank so low as to eat EZCheez, it was a fun night. Danielle left at 1:30, Rachel and Ji-yeong at 2:30, Lila slept in my bed. She was sad and didn't want to be alone or with her roommate, and I wasn't going to make her. So we three went to bed at about 3:30, and then Lila and I woke up at 5:30 when Pasang's alarm went off. So I faked sick and slept all day. The way I figure it, I haven't missed a day of school all year, and I was exhausted and hadn't finished my science project and there's no DAMN way I was going to school. So there. So I slept all day, took a shower, and went online. How pathetic is that? Now I'm just waiting for Lila to get back from the vapor caves, where she went with Danielle and Nik. Poor kid'll be scarred for life. Those two are just sickeningly sweet together, and they can't keep their hands off each other. But then they're going to drop her off here, and go to a party, and we're going to find something fun to do. And life is good.

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