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I went shopping today, at a real live mall in Glenwood with Danielle. We had fun. I got presents for my secret santa person, she got cigarettes, I made arrangements to buy a quarter before I go home for X-mas, generally, fun was had. We utilised the public transit system, listened to a hilariously small-town conversation between the bus driver and this woman on the bus, and had our own bizarre conversation about relationships, how we respectively broke our hymens, and dildos. And cigar cases that can be used as such. It was an odd conversation, for which we recieved many odd looks from the people sitting next to us. Then we went to the natural food store and City Market, then came back to school, painted our nails black with Danielle's kleptoed nail polish, watched part of Practical Magic, and now I'm here. And when I'm done being here, I'll go back to the dorm to dye Danielle's hair purple. Then tomorrow, I have to work my ass off.

Lada's coming to see me at Christmas! Well, during break, anyhow, from the 26 to the 29th. We're going to have so much fun! She's a great girl, who I now consider one of my good friends again, though there was a while there when we were mortal enemies of a sort. That was my fault, though, and now it's better. She's bunches of fun, even when she's depressed, and one of the people I can really talk to. I don't know how much she'll like my friends, but we'll deal, and not spend more time with them than necessary. After all, it's probably going to be a little awkward with Bree, and the others have always been more her friends than mine, who accepted me at first because of Molly, then Bree, then because of me being me, but I don't know how it'll be now. So we'll probably spend most of our time wandering around Chicago, maybe see her friends who live near me, stuff like that. And it is only three/four days. So yay.

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