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I did a bad, bad thing. And I nearly got caught. We haven't played Sims together in a long time. I thought she was sick of it. But I got bored one day and started playing again. And I made a family. It was supposed to be my family in the future. I'm married to Seth Green, shut up all of you snickering I'll have none of this, and I've got four kids, Cordelia, Alexander, Fiona, and Elisabette Rose. And just to indulge myself, I added another person. An adult version of the teen I'm a little bit in love with just now. So we've got me, him, her, and the kids living there, when she walks into my room. I'm not all that worried until she sees what I'm doing and goes "ooooh, lemme play?" I knew she wouldn't want to play with my family, but people from hers are friends with mine and if she found out that I had an Indian woman named Ambalila as the third part of my trisogomous thingy, I would have quite a bit of 'splainin to do. So I drowned her quickly, then let Lila play. But I did a bad, bad thing and I'm a bad puppy.

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