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Everyone's fucking gay! I don't get it! I mean, within the last week, WEEK mind you, THREE good friends of mine have told me they are/might be bi. AND! AND! My little sister is or thinks she will be bi-curious when she's my age. My eleven year old sister who has never even kissed ANYONE! What the hell is going on with the world? I swear! I mean, it's a good thing! I think it's good for everyone. But THREE IN A WEEK!? First, there was Rani. Rani who I always thought was homophobic in a bad way, not only tells me she's bi, but that she's liked me for a year. Okay, fine. And then there was Dana, who I told about me because I just wanted to, and who responded by going, oh really, well maybe me too! And then this other person, who just told me now, and who's name I am forbidden to ever reveal. I mean, I'm glad about all except maybe the first. Ohh! And this is not to mention all the people who I knew about before now. Me, for one. And Lada. And, well, lots of other people. And don't get me wrong, I'm glad about all of this. That people are being more openminded to themselves, and all that. But this is ridiculous.

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