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I don't like people. I really don't. I mean, most of my life, I've been classified as "shy" "bashful" "antisocial" and I am all of the above, but more than anything I just don't like people. It's not really shyness, cause if I want to I can be reasonably outgoing. I am bashful, but that has nothing to do with things. It's just that my perfect world would be one where I didn't have to deal with people. I don't mean my friends. I generally like my friends, like spending time with them, like listening to all their woes and happinesses. But I don't like people. People who are not my friends, but who bother me anyway. People like Joe Stride, who come into the computer lab when I am peacefully writing in my diary, and feel it necessary to bother me. People who dislike me even though I've never done anything to them. Just because I'm me, and I'm different. And they have no clue just how different I am. They've just decided that they don't like me. And yes, I did claw Joe today. But there was no gushing blood, just a drip or two. He'll survive. And I don't like being bothered. I don't like people. I just want to be left be. Except by my friends. Because I generally like them.

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