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Oh dear. I feel so bad now... The Imp wants to read this again. And it's even worse now. Because, now I let Danielle and Cesca read it. Before, when she was asking, I could just say that there were things nobody here needed to know, but now that I let them read it, I can't say that anymore. And now, I'm sitting in the computer lab, and for the first time she said something that made me think that she really does care about my keeping things from her. Cause she goes, "I want to read your diary." Just out of the blue. And I say no, expecting her peskeringness, the way she normally does. Kidding around, etc. But instead, she says something along the lines of "But Danielle and Cesca can read it." With this look on her face, that I don't really know how to describe. Not quite hurt, but close. And I hate it. I do understand where she's coming from, and how it could hurt, and the thought of hurting her is bad. All I could say was "There are some things you just don't need or want to know." And she says "But Danielle and Cesca..." and I just sort of sigh, because there's nothing to say other than the truth. And I can't tell her that either. So I can only sigh. And that sucks.

On another note, I am in large amounts of pain. I went snowboarding yesterday, and it was SO much fun. I can't wait for tomorrow, when we go again, but I fell, hard, a lot. And now my entire back, from my shoulders to my knees, is in large amounts of pain. Ouch. Large ouch. But so much fun!

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