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So that last one was pointless. Thoroughly and utterly ridiculously pointless. But all the same. I am ouchied. Snowboarding ouchied me. But I'm really happy, cause the Imp's not getting on my nerves anymore, and she said she's going to set me up with Josh. And I said "If you make it icky I'll hurt you" and Rachel, who was sitting there, sort of laughs because we all know I actually wouldn't, and Lila gets this serious tone in her voice, reaches down into my clasped hands (clasped over my head, which I was hiding in my hair on the floor) and pinky swears that she won't hurt me. And then she promised she'd be nice and not mess things up, and I said don't be too nice, to him. And she got this look on her face like 'oh. right. oops.' and said she won't. And we talked about the ecstaticness, and she said she wanted the third one. So all went well. And I'm a happy bunny who may have a boyfriend by V-day. Yay!

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