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Crushes are wierd. I think perhaps I've never had one before. Because I've never felt like this. He can make me smile. He can put me in a good mood when I've been in a bitchy one. He can make me do that thing where we finish talking and I've got a grin on my face so big I think I'll break my lips and cheekbones, and I'm doing this giggle thing and I just can't stop. I think about him and I get all sighey. But it's so confusing. Some days, I almost think he likes me. He's nice, and friendly, and talks to me for no reason. Then other days, there's this very strange awkwardness, and we both ignore each other. And then some days, he just smiles at me. I adore that smile. More than anything. I love that smile. It's amazing. It makes me so happy. Let me try to describe this smile. See, when his face is at rest, it's not happy looking. It's not exactly sad, but not happy. But when he smiles, it just lights up everything. He has this mischievious smile, and this happy smile, and some others. But they all have that in common, they light up his face. And his laugh. When he laughs, he laughs with his whole body. I don't know exactly what it is about him that I like so very much, but there's just this, I don't know. This quality. And I'm spinning.

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