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My head hurts. Go away, camera. I don't want to talk to you. Danielle got me sick. But I'll be better. We're going to the hot springs in glenwood today, Lila & Katie & I. We're the inseperable threesome. Except for last night, when I had to separate to babysit the very drunken friend down the hall, and no, this time I don't mean Danielle. Other hall. We pull other people into and out of our little bunch, but we are the three. I wonder sometimes if I shouldn't have more friends my own age, but then I remember that they are my age, or at least, Katie is. I'm just in a higher grade. And I don't actually care anyway. They are my friends, and that's what matters. It's really nice to have a best friend again. I didn't really, all the time in Chicago. Rani would have said that she was. But she wasn't. She scares me. She has a thing for me. Yech. Anyhow. So we're all friends. And it makes me happy. And interim is a lot of fun. And I really have nothing to say. I did, I swear, but then I didn't. Comes of being sick.

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