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11:30 a.m.

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So it's April already. April of the weather in which, I get back to school and it's warm enough for a tank top and to go lie in the grass, in which a week ago tonight Lila and I slept in sleeping bags out on the lawn because it was warm and we were claustrophobic inside when the spring was so beautiful. April of my waking up this morning with snow on the ground, and with it streaming off the roof this justbeforenoon. The grass is green, it's beautiful, the sky is blue, it's windy. I desperately want a kite, but when we were in the scary place of white trash, aka, KMart this weekend, the only ones they had were those silly wing ones or had power rangers all over them. Ew. But that's what you get for entering a KMart. They scare me. They have this ring where they flash a blue light over some towels and they announce over the announcing thingy "We have a blue light special on double packs of towels!" and the scariest part is that people come flocking to this ring of blue light and buy these towels, and I rather suspect there are people who spend their entire lives in this store just waiting for things to go on "blue light specials" and I am troubled by what that says about America. The weekend was fun. Lila and I took a weekend at Cesca's. Rented a bunch of movies. Spent Saturday babysitting a couple of the sweetest kids you've ever met. They adopted me within an hour as their honorary older sister. They were just friends themselves, not sisters, but somehow this worked out. Imagination of children. We played pretend, which was great, because I had missed it. They were scared of Cesca's ducks. Saturday night, we got absolutely ripped off of some very good weed. Lila called Carl, which of course was just an invitation to Cesca and I to be as obonoxious as we possibly could in the hopes that he would hear us. She says he didn't, which is a shame. And we watched Rocky Horror, and I promised Lila we'd go to the live one when I bring her to NY this summer. Then, Sunday, we came back to school. We're still singing Rocky Horror under our breaths. I have one thing to say to all of you, and that is "T-t-t-t-t-t-TOUCH me!" Thank you, Susan Sarandon. We needed that. Really.

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