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8:52 a.m.

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"Three girls and two tall blonds named Mike." This will not be my second year of college. It sounds like the title to a bad movie. Just what sort of movie I'm not sure, but it would be a bad one.

So, moving on. Last night in the dorm was quite possibly the most disturbing experience of my life. See, my grand hope when Danielle, well, in the end I, told Mandy that I was bi was that she would be afraid of me and leave me alone. But no. Because my luck just doesn't run that way. See, this is the girl that everybody thinks is wierd 'cause she doesn't talk. Ever. But that's not so, 'cause I can't get her to shut up. Ever. My hope sprang from her unbelievably repressed nature. She's oh-so-very closeted, though she'd never admit it, and Cesca and I have been having large amounts of fun mock-seducing herfor the past couple of months. Little things. Pretending to flirt with her, or in Cesca's case, rubbing herself all over her. She was scared shitless. So I figured, I tell her about the bi thing, and she'll leave me be! But no... Instead, she turns my own tactics against me. At first we were just laughing uproariously as she made a mockery of the world, throwing unopened deodorant containers all over my room and just being utterly weird. Then, it got scary. In her antics, she had somehow ended up on my bed, tangled in my bedclothing. I'm trying to kick her out of my room so I can go to bed. I climb the ladder, she puts on a face I just KNOW she learned from Cesca, and goes "Coming to bed, dear?" in this attempted-sultry tone. My instinctive reaction is something along the lines of "AAAAAAA!!!" So I go dashing down the hall wailing for help. Danielle and Rachel just mock me, so I go back in there, and try again to get her to leave. She says "Oh, so you're ready to come to bed now?" in the same tone/expression. My roommate, at this point, is looking on in bemusement. I'm terrified, in an amused way, but then I remember that the entire reason she thinks this works is that it works on her. So I crawl up there and over her and say "sure" and she leaps off and runs away. And I think that she's going to behave. Until I get changed and go out in the common room, where she sits mouthing unintelligible obscenities at me for about an hour. It was a very strange night.

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