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12:18 p.m.

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What is a Rockabilly, I ask you? It sounds like either some bizarre sort of mountain goat, or an activity involving lancing rocks at billies. Neither of which strike me as things that would be frequently searched for using our lovely d-land search tool. They really don't. So I'm puzzled, and should I suddenly have a manifestation of energy, I may go and look it up.

In other news, I've noticed that I don't update this thing nearly as much as I used to. There were some months when I first got here when I would have as many as 33 entries in a single month. Which, for those of you who are mathematically or calindrically challenged, means I was updating twice on some days. Utter madness. So I ask myself, why is it that now entire sequences of days are passing without an update? The little voices responded mainly with a chorus of evil giggles, as they have taken to doing lately, so I came to the conclusion on my own. I believe it to be a combination of the springtime, drawing me out into it's warmth, a lack of angst, and the number of people (here) who now read this. Which, admittedly, is probably all of one, and she only so often, but the theory remains the same. None of this will change anything, I assure you, but it was a rumination of mine.

So on the front of news, for those of you who read this for reasons of the "we were once great friends but now live very far away and are trying to remain in contact" variety, there isn't any. Well, there is. Lila's now with Dylan, and I like the two of them together much better than I did she and the Soulful Boyfriend. Rachel is hooking up with Patrick. Danielle is with Jason. I am avoiding Josh, because I don't like him anymore. He keeps staring at me in rooms we happen to end up in together. It's very disconcerting, but not in the "oh my knees are jelloey" way that it used to be. More in a "I don't like you anymore leave me be and just be my friend" kind of a way. We have 6.3 more days of classes. A week of finals. A two-day train ride home. Then, summer. I have much planning to do. I have many funds to raise. I am thoroughly impatient. I have given up any mood-altering substances other than caffeine until the end of the year. Which isn't very hard, since I don't do much in the first place. I'm going to be dorm head in the OGD next year. I found an excellent new d-land to read, she is widgetbitch. She cracks me up. I'm enjoying the spring, but I've been having very strange urges lately. Such as the one that involves snatching one of the rampant toddlers on campus, putting them in a miniature kayak, and floating them down the irrigation ditch. I think they would enjoy it were it not for all the low, concrete bridges that would doubtlessly damage their wee baby heads. So I shan't do it, but it remains a scene I think of fondly every time I walk by one of our burbling pseudo-brooks. On that somewhat more deranged than it's meant to be note, I leave you, having duly updated. Ooh! This is #100. I am more than officially a diaryland geek.

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