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12:08 p.m.

Lana feelsThe current mood of xengirl at www.imood.com

Life is good. I've decided, over the past few weeks, that life is definetly going well. It's an interesting sensation, and I'm not in the least sure that I trust it, but it's fun for now. Summer's going to be hectic, but hopefully not in a hellish way, just in a "I'm so busy I almost forgot to put my pants on this morning" kind of way. Summer school. Summer job. Summer bike. Summer room (which is to say, room other than my dorm room). Summer weather. Summer clothes (which are seldome different from the ones I normally wear, but...). Summer relationships, maybe. I made a bet with Lila last night over whether or not Bree and I will hook up again when I'm home. She thinks we will. I think we won't. It was fun while it lasted, and the memories are all fondly tinted, and I'm over it. So, come August, she owes me five bucks. We're going to NY. And peopleare coming to Chicago who love me. And we will wreak havoc and unleash chaos upon the world. Or, just wander the streets of the gay neighborhood of Chicago, laughing and skipping and talking to random people about random things. Hey Ven, whaddaya say this time we all decide how old we are before we try to tell people, so as to avoid the awkward "So how old are you girls?" We turn to look at each other. "Uhhh..." thing. Not that it wasn't highly amusing. And then there was the thing with the bondage stores... But that's another story entirely. All I know is, if we had that much fun in three days in the middle of winter, we're going to kick some ass in a week in the middle of the summer. I almost feel bad for the new girl. Juliette, that is. But, then, I don't. Anyhow. I'm a voyeur of my own voyeurs. And I'm going.

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