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5:16 p.m.

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Oh. My. Gods. I just saw. The funniest thing. Ever. There was a bitchfight in the OGD hallway. A bitchfight. A real, honest-to-god catfight. Screaming, punching, clawing, kicking catfight. Hmm. Maybe I'd better start from the beginning.

There's this girl in my dorm, Danielle. She's a really good friend of mine, but she can be just a tad bit clingy when it comes to her boyfriends. She was with this kid Jason, fucking like bunnies, et cetera, for about a month, month and a half. And there's this other girl, also a good friend of mine but a less good friend of Danielle's, who's a day student. Cesca. And Cesca has this friend, who doesn't go to our school at all. Barbara. I met her a month or two ago, thought she was really cool (and kind of cute), then didn't see her for a while and didn't think much of it. Until she shows up here at school a couple of times, with Cesca. And it turns out she met Jason, at a party or something, and he thought she was cute too. And she had heard from Cesca, who had heard from Danielle, what a good fuck he was. So a couple weeks ago, when it seemed he and Danielle were breaking up (they were, it just took a little longer than expected), he was hitting on her and she responded by saying she'd like to lay him on a table and rape him. Now, as I said, she's got the kind of looks where it needn't be rape at all. And when Jason finally did dump Danielle, she got her chance. On the couch, not the table, but nonetheless. So Danielle was pissed and went around calling her a whore and all that petty bullshit that high school entails. Which didn't matter to Barb, cause she doesn't go here and doesn't give a flying fuck. Until she showed up in my room today.

Cesca walks in my door, as I'm playing Sims. Moves aside, says "I brought you a present!" It turns out to be Barbara. So we sit down, start a movie, we're talking, just laughing and having a good time. Danielle is ostensibly in her Spanish final and we have no reason to worry. Until she walks into my room. Gets this outraged look on her face. And leaves. We hear, from out in the hallway "Gee, thanks Juls! Just what I always wanted; a whore!" cause the supposed reason for her coming in was to see if Juls had left something in there. We ignore it, but then Ces goes out to call her other friend and on her way back gets all in her face about it. Then Danielle comes in again, fiddles around with some of the stuff on my desk, leaves, leaving the door open. I ask her to shut it. She says no, all belligerently. I ask why not. She says, because she's in there. So somebody goes over and shuts it and we're all cool for a little while longer. Until Cesca goes to use the phone and Barbara goes with her. And the girls in the common room are all catty, stage-whispering comments about whores and so on, throwing stuff at the phone booth, but not saying anything to her face. She comes back to my room and we talk about it, just kind of laughing, but on her way back out to Ces, Danielle throws out some comment or she stopped and said something, I'm not sure which. Either way, I go out there and Barbara's standing right outside of Danielle's doorway, Danielle's sitting just inside it, and they're glaring daggers at each other. Danielle's calling her a skank, she's responding in kind, the insults escalate until they're screaming at each other. Danielle says "leave" Barbara won't, she repeats it, getting angrier and angrier, until Barb asks if she'll force her. Danielle says yeah. Barb says bring it, step up. Danielle gets up and walks up in front of her. Barb doesn't move. Danielle grabs her, she struggles, Danielle punches her. Then it was all a blur until Louisa broke them apart. I would've, but they're both bigger than me and I was afraid that I'd just get sucked in, and plus it was too amusing. But, Louisa breaks them up, we go and find a dorm head, and they settled it. It was crazy. Now everybody is, of course, on Danielle's side, saying that she didn't start it, it was all Barbara's fault, blah and blah. And nobody listens when I say she hit first. Even/Especially Rachel, which blows. Cause you'd expect therapy girl to try and be objective. I mean, yes, I like Barbara. But Danielle is my friend. So no, I'm not lying for Barbara. And I'm pissed. Cause I hate not being listened to more than anything in the world.

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