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10:34 a.m.

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I like lots of people. I've come to realize this summer just how much I value, care about, love. My friends. My CRuMbS. My darlings, the Imp, Cesca, Pandabear, Rache, Katie, Josh, even. Because I think we are firmly friends now. And then, going back to NY, I realized how much I miss some of them. Lada, Bri, Amsie. It's interesting, with Bri, because while we've been friends since 5th, 6th grade, when I moved away we weren't friends like we are now. We were in the same group, we were friends, but just in a floating kind of way. Like I was with everybody in that group. Which is a story in and of itself, but I've probably gone into it before and will again someday, just as soon as I understand it. Which is to say, never. But since then, since I moved away, we've all grown up. Most of us in very different ways. I'm very nearly an entirely different person than I was when I left that place, and I'm almost positive that's a really good thing. Now, maybe because of that, maybe despite it, we've grown and evolved into really good friends. Lada and I, as well. Amy, is Amy. Amy is slowly picking pieces of her mind out, flinging them away, and then looking around confusedly and wondering idly why she's losing her mind. Amy made me cry, as much as I ever cry. That as well, however, is another story. I love her, goddess only knows why, and that's just how it is. I love all of them, with very little reserve. It feels good. Different, but good. I give hugs now.

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