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5:51 p.m.

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I had a very odd dream last night. Actually, a succession of very odd dreams. After the last one I woke up trying to speak into an invisible phone that I wasn't holding. It was kind of strange. I then proceeded to stare at my wall in great fascination for a few seconds before I figured out that it was actually my bedroom wall, not just a random panel of bluegreen sitting in the middle of nowhere. I have odd wakeup sequences. People have told me they've had the most interesting conversations with me at times when I would swear I was fast asleep. What worries me is when they say these conversations took place in locations other than my bed. I don't want to think that I get up, climb (and it's literally climbing a ladder) out of bed, wander down to wherever, have a conversation with whoever I run into, go back upstairs, climb back into my bed, and it's only then that I wake up. However, I was talking about this one dream in particular, wasn't I? It was very strange indeed, or at least, what I could remember of it was. See, the parts that I remember...

I was in a supermarket with Adam, the summer fling. And we were shopping for food, but we could never get anything. And it wasn't a normal supermarket, it was all old and narrow aisles and wood shelves and bad lighting and somehow it felt italian, though there was nothing definitively italian about it. And we were going up and down these narrow, badly-lit aisles, and we were looking for food because I believe we were making dinner but somehow we didn't have any. And there may or may not have been sexual misbehavior. I'm not sure. And then his friends were there and talking to us and then he was working there all of a sudden but he could leave but he wouldn't or something very odd. Then we, or possibly me and a whole different bunch of people, were in a hay wagon that may have occasionally become a car driving through something that looked like a deranged cross between the roaring fork valley and wisconsin. And then I found this little crumb-looking thing on my shirt, except it wasn't a crumb, it just looked like one. And there was one on the shirt of the person next to me as well. And I turned to somebody who may or may not have been Lada, and asked them what these crumbs were. And this person said they were mushrooms. The trippy kind. And so I picked mine up and took a small nibble/bite of it, and it grew, and the person next to me, who may or may not have been Lila, did the same with hers except that she suddenly had a lot more of it, but I remembered that I have no tolerance for anything and decided that this crumb would be enough. Which turned out to be true, since it didn't disappear as I ate it. So then everything started changing and being all trippy, and then suddenly we were all at this house and they pulled us up on the roof and we all started carefully stowing ourselves away in this little tiny compartment right under the peak of it. And it appeared that we were all in some great danger, but I was too busy watching people's earings change shape to care or at least to do anything about it. That's all I remember even a little bit clearly, but there was a lot more. And somehow I ended up waking up talking into an imaginary phone. Anybody good at dream analasys?

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