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11:15 a.m.

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At this rate I'm going to have to start keeping a dream journal again... But odds are as soon as I did they'd stop coming. That's just how it is with me. I'll go for months without a single dream, or occasionally having cheese-man dreams (anybody watched Restless, the Buffy season finale for season four? you know what I'm talking about), and then I'll have a week or two where I don't have an uninterrupted night. And they'll all have something in common and it's like somebody's playing some strange game with me until I figure it out or until whatever they were trying to tell me has come and gone. I've learned by now that it's generally best to try and figure them out, 'cause when I let whatever it is just come, I always have horrible dream-induced deja vu throughout the whole thing, and it's just generally a good practice that if someone's trying to tell you something, even (especially?) if it is your subconcious, you should listen. But couldn't it just write me an e-mail?

So anyhow... Dream number 2 in what, due to Bri's analysis of the last one, I'm debating calling the "Lani's lonely life is about to get some company and her subconscious is trying to warn her to be open to that" sequence. This one is more clearly remembered, due in part to my having lain in bed cementing it in my consciousness this morning.

It opens facing this house. Or, more exactly, the backyard of this house. And very strangely, this backyard is walled in, with windows. It's like a glass wall, but it's divided by white window-frames. One, in the middle, is doublepaned, the kind with the half-circle locks on them, where you push the bottom up when they're unlocked. I didn't see if it was locked or not, but I think it was. And the others were just full-length panes of glass. So one side of this backyard was walled with this, and at the end of this wall there was a white staircase with a white picket rail, which led up to a glass-paned walkway, like an observation corridor or some such thing. And as far as I could see, there was just grass, mown lawn-type grass. There were two people, a woman and a man, who had bought this place and were moving in. I'm not sure if I was watching or if I was her. I suspect I was just watching, though, at least some of the time. There was also the person who had sold them the house, though all you saw of him was his shoe. He was kicking some of the grass around, lifting it up with his shoe and talking about how it was all well-planted and they got all of this and so on. It's a very clear image that I wish I could explain better, but I can't, and I can't remember exactly what he said. And then there were these dogs, who may or may not have been the man and the woman. (it's a dream, ok?) There were a couple of trees in this yard and one dog, the one that may or may not have been the woman, went over and looked up. Somebody asked what she was looking at, and she climed the tree, (yes, the dog climbed the tree) until she could see into the birdsnest that was nestled there, but there wasn't anybody in it. She got down and looked disapointed, but then the baby birds came fluttering back to the nest then flew away, and somebody said "guess they can already fly". Then they were human again and were in the house. It seemed that they were either recently married, or possibly they'd been that way for a while but had been separated, but in any event they were coming up this staircase and talking about the people they'd been with in that time. And on the wall above the staircase were these portraits of the people they'd been with, but then they suddenly got older and slid to rearrange themselves. There were two men and two women, who started out in four portraits, but they ended up in only two, married off. And they (the couple) were exclaiming over this, but nobody seemed to find it strange that they had these pictures anyway. The pictures weren't normal framed pictures, either, but looked like gigantic cameos, like on necklaces, built into the wall. And they were talking about renewing or going over or something, their wedding vows. So they walked through this passageway, and they were all of a sudden in this place that was part of an old church. And somehow it had the same air, that same feeling of being old and badly lit and old-wooded, as the supermarket in my last dream. And then there were these old peasant women. Like the ones in stories, with their voices and clothes and so on, and yet somehow they were "the churchmice" and there was one who was little and older than they other two and possibly the wise one, and then I think two who were bigger and kind of either Irish or Italian, and they wanted the couple to leave, to go away. They said that it was their church and then the couple argued that they had bought it but they said it was theirs and I believe the couple left and went back into the modern part of their house and I don't remember anything after that.

There was another dream I had last night, which vaguely involved city rooftops and Lila, and then there are other fragments which may or may not have been part of the same dream, but I don't remember enough to try and assemble it. My damned subconscious needs to learn to type.

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