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4:47 p.m.

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The first day is done. The first real day, that is, since I've been back since Monday. Which is only four days. And that's frightening, because it feels much longer. People have changed. Cesca and Shaina have both grown up a lot. Lila has as well, and we're a lot closer now than we've ever been, and that's one of the best things I've noticed so far. I'm not in the OGD, which means I'm not with most of my friends, but I am a dorm head and I do have a single in the Crystal. It's a really nice room. I have a cabinet bed which I made myself by putting my mattress on the part of my dorm bunk where my desk was last year. But now I have two of those bed/desk combos, so I can use the other one for work. I've got a crazy schedule. Advanced Biology at 7:40 in the morning, then AP French, a free period, Algebra 2, American Lit, Beginning Music, lunch, another free, and American History. Possibly not exactly in that order. And not everything every day; I have yet to have Biology or Literature. I got all my notebooks and so on today, and my shoulders hurt. Cesca's found the wierd spot on the back of my neck and is using it to her great amusement and my great embarrassment. She sneaks up behind me and I go eek! And twitch. It's the single most ticklish place on my body, so much so that I'm beyond even squirming. Just collapse and make very strange noises. Lila alternates between giving me hugs and biting me. I haven't seen much of Rachel, not nearly as much as I'd like. I'm hoping she'll come sleep in my room this weekend and tell me about her summer. Watch Better Than Chocolate, since half the reason I brought it to school with me was so she could. My Panda hasn't come to see me much either, but really it's as much my fault as any of theirs if I don't see them because I could go to their dorm as easily as they could to mine. It just feels strange now that it isn't my dorm at all. I have work to do, though, and so now I must go.

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