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9:55 a.m.

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Weekends are good. This one was better than most, though I got nothing done. I spent the entire weekend, from Friday afternoon to Sunday night, with Panda-bear. Friday afternoon I cut and dyed her hair, and she didn't like it but I think she's getting used to it. I think it's pretty but she won't believe me when I tell her so 'cause she knows I love her enough to tell her so even if she looked like a newt. So I took her to Peppinos to make her feel better and by the end of the night she was feeling secure enough to leave her hood down, which is good. Friday night we watched Fried Green Tomatoes (good movie) and then Bring It On in the common room. I sat in her lap and made "wantelizawantelizawanteliza ooooo lookit eliza" comments all through the second one. I was surprised she put up with me, but she did. Then we slept outside with Katie but it was really cold in the morning and we all drifted in around 6:30. We made pretzels in the school kitchen that afternoon. Lots of pretzels. She put me in aprons, which was somewhat disturbing. Peter, the young kitchen guy, asked if we were married yet. This amused me and flustered Panda. We hiked up Red Bluffs Saturday night and watched the sunset and the stars and talked to the witch in the tree-shadows. Hiking down in the dark was somewhat difficult but fun. I love the night. Sunday we made more pretzels and hid from Laura. Laura being the school counselor who wanted me to take her peer counseling course and who probably wants Panda to get counseled. I decided it was probably more productive for me to spend the time counseling Panda out of the problems Laura inflicted on her in my own way, 'cause Laura's incompetent. Sunday night we watched Better Than Chocolate, which I expected Panda to be scared of but which she ended up enjoying enough to be late to both study hall and dorm check so we could finish most of it. It was a good weekend. But I got nothing done and I'm going to be in trouble in a few minutes...

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