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4:24 p.m.

Lana feelsThe current mood of xengirl at www.imood.com

When nothing in your life has ever been real, and then something real comes along, how do you know the difference? When you've spent all the time you can remember building and destroying and reconstructing walls and shields and hiding behind them, and then somebody slips through the cracks in the masonry without your notice, how do you deal with that? When they're as far inside of you as anybody's ever been, when they look at the walls from the inside and out and instead of analyzing them or trying to destroy them or bring you out of them, they look away from them and back at you, what do you say to that? What do you do when you finally find somebody who you don't need to always be talking to, but with whom you can have the most random conversations turn into the deepest discussions, and you didn't know it was happening until it just did? What do you do with that?

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