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12:10 p.m.

Lana feelsThe current mood of xengirl at www.imood.com

Change. While usually good. Can sometimes suck. Change in people. Once upon a time I had a friend. She was wonderfully intelligent and had this charm that was only charming because it was so completely unintentional. She was young for her grade and tremendously old for her age and yet she was young. She was someone I thought I connected with on a level deeper than one usually does. She was, upon this time that we are Oncing, she was playful and imp-like and yet wonderfully intellectual. A breath of fresh air in any room. Once upon a time I had this friend. Then once upon a time I lost her. She lost herself. She became one of the beautiful shallow people. She finally made true the claim she always had. That she didn't care. And now she doesn't care. I see her and she's doing well and she's beautiful and vapid and she giggles and she makes good grades and she talks about going for a run. This girl who did not like to run. And to all appearances she's doing fine. But I see her eyes sometimes. And I see the person she was. Stuck inside those big blue-green-gray orbs, wondering what the hell happened to her. I miss that girl. I miss her a lot. But what can you do? Sometimes change is bad.

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