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1:57 p.m.

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Sick day today. Mostly 'cause I didn't feel like going to school, partially because I was actually ill. Actually, mostly because I forgot to get out of bed until 7:33 this morning and my first class is at 7:40. I was awake, mind you, I just forgot the next step. I did mention that I was being incoherent of late, did I not? I spent nearly an hour today lying in bed completely blank, no clue what was going on. At some point I looked at my watch, which snapped me out of it, and ten minutes later I was dressed and ready to go, but I was already 5 minutes late to class, would have been 15 by the time I got there. So I went to the nurse instead and she told me to go back to bed without even asking what I wanted. So I went to the computer lab and then back to the dorm and didn't sleep but didn't wake and now I feel good. And I suppose that if I wanted to, I could get out of work crew today. I was planning on it, but then I went to check the list to make sure I was supposed to tutor on Wednesdays (I haven't gone all quarter because of the play) and I read the list of who was on the crew with me. So now I'm going to tutoring. Pathetic. I have the worst propensity for becoming a whipped puppy. I think that should bother me. But she smiled at me this morning, and that made it all okay.

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