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2:38 p.m.

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Et finis!

And we're done. Finished. For a week, at least. This year has been exhausting. I haven't been able to keep my eyes open since the play ended. The adrenaline left me, I haven't had coffee in weeks, the tea is all decaffinated, and I have no energy whatsoever. I still have to write a 5-page essay and finish a math test before 6, but after that I'm done. Completely. Utterly. Done. Panda's leaving today, in 20 minutes. Bobbi's leaving tomorrow and not coming back. Megan is also leaving tomorrow. She's going on my bus to Denver and she's flying to Chicago. Get this. We would have been on the same plane both ways, but my ridiculous mother changed my flights. <sobs petulantly> Boo to that. But I talked to her today, for 20 minutes in third period. Vague bits and pieces of chatter and her head hurt. I read her essay for Civ; she writes like me. Told her about the birthday party they gave me last night and she said she wanted to come but they wouldn't let her. We talked about flights and flight attendents and she repeated for the enth time that I've heard it "if I were straight." She called me kitten. <smirks> That's all I have to say about that.

And in other news... They threw me a surprise birthday party last night. Tiaan told me it was a dorm faculty/head meeting in his apartment. Wherein I went, started to suspect something when random people were wandering up and down the hallways in mysterious ways, and I ran back to my room, where I had left the Bear, to retrieve her. She, for whatever reason, had taken it into her head to lock the door, but opened it when I came back and I made her come with me. And then came more people and a bunch of us ate cookies and watched Legally Blonde. Which is a silly movie that even I do not have it in my cynical heart to make fun of. I tell myself, as an excuse, that it empowers women and hence is good. Then I remember that I don't really care, and that honestly, it's just sappy and funny and hence likeable. So there's that. Panda said she'd come see me at midnight, but never showed up. Wench. And that's all for today, being the longest entry I've written in days, and now I go. Except. She called me kitten.<smirks>

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