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9:21 p.m.

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Okay. New thoughts on new girl... She's all right. She's very straight, but it's probably about time I actually had straight friends. Y'know. Growing up. Widening of horizons, so on and so forth. No, really, I have plenty of straight friends. There's. Uh. Well. There's Bridget! And the park rats all claim to be straight, with the notable exception of the girl I was sleeping with for 6 months. Though she still claims it. And the other Oak Park friends... Are debatable. I've had the "well I've wondered and now that I actually know somebody I have to think again" conversation with Dana, Yuletide last year, but have heard nothing since. Haven't asked Em'ly. Don't plan to ask Em'ly. Have had conversations with Em'ly about girls in which she seemed to be much in agreement with me. So who knows. And then there are various people at school. But really... Widened horizons are good. The coolness factor of Virginie is determined by several factors. Spent lots of today talking to her, mostly in French. And then. At dinner. She turns to me quite casually. And asks me if I'd like a glass of wine. I said no, simply so my parents wouldn't behead the poor lass, but it was cool nonetheless.

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