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10:34 p.m.

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My Bear's in the hospital. My beloved Amanda-bear. Is in the hospital. We had the most bizarre conversation just now. I'm talking with Virginie, oddly enough, about "La Nounourse," as I call the Bear when we're being tender. My sister calls up the stairs, phone for you. Uh, okay. So I take it, it's somebody very quiet who won't tell me who they are. "Who is this?" "This is a pen." "A pen? There's a pen on the phone?" "You're supposed to say 'a what?'" Oh. Recognition dawns. But we play for a while and eventually she tells me it's Maggie. Maggie is the vampire mistress. But that's another, rather bizarre story, all of it's own being. But so then I figure out that it is indeed my Bear on the phone, sounding like she's got strep throat so bad she really shouldn't be talking. And there is more story, and she says she wants to go home, and I ask her where she is and we talk in riddles for a while. Eventually she says she won't tell me because I'll worry. Because. You know. I won't worry if she just tells me that I'd worry if she did tell me. So eventually it comes out. She's in the hospital. In the scary place that Charlie lives. So of course, I worry. I love her, she's in the hospital, no shit I worry! I tell her stories, as best I can, because she says she called me because I can make her laugh. My poor nounourse. I make her laugh. She starts wheezing. I worry. I make her laugh again. Et cetera. I worry. Ask her why she's in the hospital, when she'll be out, she won't tell me anything but because she fell down. Fell down from where, I ask. From standing up, she tells me. I'm still getting the distinct feeling that there's something she's not telling me, but then she has to go, and I tell her I love her and she whispers goodbye. My poor baby...

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