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7:31 p.m.

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So picture day is over and done with. Back to our all-text, all the time format. I go back to school tomorrow. Spend the day in the airport, hopefully with Megan. She'll have stories to tell me. And I have music. Nothing to play it on at the airport, but music nonetheless. Four new Ani CDs, one Bif Naked. This makes me happy. Ani has made a very large number of CDs since whenever she began doing so. I want to say 1989, but I'm not sure that that's right. So we're thinking twelve years, and I'm pretty sure more than twelve albums, 7 of which I either now or very soon will have. Dilate, Not A Pretty Girl, Puddle Dive, Not So Soft, Revelling and Reckoning, Ani Difranco, and Imperfectly. Plus a homemade cassette of Little Plastic Castle. And of Bif Naked, who I adore, I now have I Bificus, and a sweatshirt, shirt, and poster on the way. Music is good. Music gives me inspiration and hope. And I have a few new books, some new clothes, some sleep, though not much. Lila wrote an entry in my guestbook, saying she tried to get ahold of me on my birthday. I want to go home now.

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