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11:05 a.m.

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My head hurts. I'm all stuffed up and I think I'm sick, either that or I've been snorting cocaine and nobody told me. But I don't care, because it's been a good weekend anyhow. Spent Friday night talking to Megan. I really like that girl, but quite possibly in just a friendly way. My heart just isn't in the crushing. Other parts, maybe, but I listen to my heart, not my nerve centers. Took the SATs on Saturday morning, which sucked majorly but I think I did okay, considering my complete lack of a mathmatical background. And then. Then I went snowboarding and everything else in the world faded out and my entire consciousness revolved around the interaction of snow, body, wind, and the waxed board strapped to my feet. It's an amazing sensation. I packed major shit the first couple runs, tripping all over myself and forgetting how to turn, but I did six runs total, maybe seven, and the last three or four I didn't fall once. That's pretty good for someone who hasn't been on a snowboard since March. My muscles remember. My coordination centers have built up enough of a muscular memory bank that I can still get up and go, even if I did nearly get clocked in the head with the lift the first time I tried to get off. That's one thing I've never been good at. The lifts. We just don't get along at all, but by the last three runs I had even got those figured out. Hold board up, point it straight, foot on stomp pad, count to 2, push off chair, look at intended destination, not feet, and just go. And I got it! It's amazing. And so be it. Snowboarding and having a cold and then all the chaos of last night but it's okay, because everything came out all right in the end. I even got the Bitch and Animal CDs I wanted. I wanna go down on you, drive my fingers round on you, open four lanes wide with you, get high with you, just lie with you...

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