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9:51 a.m.

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We went ADC again last night. Or, at least, she did. I did not. I stayed nicely in my own room, in my own bed, in fact, except for when I got up to let her in and a couple of times to fiddle with the CD player. But for the most part, from 11 or so until this morning, I stayed in my own bed like a good little dorm head. I just happened to have somebody else with me. We bid adieu at 10:00, she went back to her own dorm with promises to return. I went to sleep but left the lights on, she knocked on the window at 12:10. Asked if she could crawl in through said window, but the screen was on so she couldn't. I went to the door and let her in, wondering who had removed the handy rock I had put in it so she wouldn't have to knock. Damn them and their locking doors. Let her in and she came back and we amused ourselves for an hour and half and at quarter to two she left and I went to sleep. It's so terrifying being ADC in my room because Tiaan, my neurotic dorm dad, lives right across the hall. So every time we laughed or anything, I was hearing creaks and doors and all manner of scariness. But it was fun, and worth it. We are such dorks.

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