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6:12 p.m.

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Snowboarding. Every muscle of my body is promising to be sore tomorrow. My legs, my hips, my abdomen, my shoulders, even my forearms though I can't imagine why. I did a few good runs after the first couple warm-up ones that were horrid. I have coffee back in the dorm so I have to remember to get milk and sugar before I go back. And I have a poster to put up and I got my Bif Naked sweatshirt today. The first item of clothing I have ever owned, other than the dors shirt which was actually Sandra's, with the name of a famous-type person on it. Rambling. I've really nothing to say. Except. It's good to be home. This place will not last forever as home. Even next year, I don't know. But for now, it's the closest thing I've got. For now, it has most of my closest friends and they are my family, more than any other I've ever had. More than even Amy, and significantly less mental. So it's good to be home.

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