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1:37 p.m.

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It is Panda-bear's birthday today and she got mad and went away when I told her happy birthday. I don't think she's used to the attention and everybody's been giving it to her today. In the fashion of the Panda-bear, though, she came back and hovered across the room, giving me the come-hither bear eyes. I didn't go thither, but later I found her and mrowed at her and did not wish her a happy birthday again, instead gave her a kiss on her hair and told her I love her. Silly irritable bear.

Last night was fun. Funny. I went over to Panda's dorm, and on my way out Stephanie asks me with a most mischevious grin where I'm going. "The OGD" I say, all innocence. She gives me an even more mischevious grin, makes an "uh-huh" noise. Oyyyy... Anyhow, I brought two of my holiday presents, one of which I love and one of which puzzles me because who in their right mind would give me an electric manicure set? It's in a pink box, for pity's sake! It has a little lavender carrying bag that looks like the bag Danielle used to keep her vibrator in! For that matter, it looks kind of like her vibrator, but that's another story entirely. I knew Panda would get great amusement out of this, so I brought it over to show her. I was right, and we had a lot of fun with me being a wimp about sharp whirring things and she laughing her ass off as I whimpered and writhed on the floor in an attempt to get away from the scariness of it all. She did eventually succeed in electronically filing, shaping, smoothing, buffing and shining one thumb nail and it's surrounding cuticles. It has made no apparent difference to my eyes, but maybe that's just me. Then she let me do one of hers and laughed even harder as I attempted to figure out exactly what I was doing. It was a good night, and for once I was even on time for dorm check.

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