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8:41 a.m.

Lana feelsThe current mood of xengirl at www.imood.com

My mother gave me one more reason not to call you on the phone.

She told me chase girls like that all your life you will wind-up alone.

I guess I just would like to take you out for a cappucino, you refuse my advances once again I can't hear one more no.

I wish you would get over him

I'll change your mind about everything.

When I wink at you you always turn the other cheek

I drilled a hole in the girls showers so that at you I could peek

I'd love to get you naked and throw you in the back of my dad's car

I hear that if I get to third base with you it won't be too far.

I wish you would get over him

I'll change your mind about everything.

As I grow older I feel better about me and myself.

I swear, I never ever once wished I was anybody else.

I'd like to tell you I think you should come up and see me sometime

I know that I could possibly make it the best time of your life.

Yeah, I'll change your mind!

-Bif Naked, Everything

I get to sing that. For music class. In front of a whole bunch of people at concerts and stuff. I could not be more amused if somebody plied me with nitrous oxide. Though I would probably show it more. I've decided that I need to stop being melodramatic and just do what I do. I've decided that perhaps irrational mood swings are just part of being sixteen and female. Or perhaps they derive from all the stress that surrounds us here. Too much work. But really, truly, I'm happy enough. I have friends who are my family and I have a place I love and the winter has finally arrived. We have three inches of snow. I'm happy. Content, almost. And I have a secret, an inkling, of which I am absolutely dying to tell somebody but I don't quite have the nerve yet. We'll see how this goes. Now I must skip through the snow back to my dorm to switch my books and do all the homework neglected last night in favor of doing my English paper. Off with you!

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