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8:56 a.m.

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So. Two days into class we've done six write-up-needing labs, one in three elaborate parts. I'm on pages seven of my notebook, I've learned how to use micropipetters to pick up exceedingly small volumes of liquid, I've cut and electrophoresised and excised and strained DNA, poured Luria plates, streaked bacteria, serially diluted more bacteria... Lots of bacteria. And the rest of University stuff goes well too. I miss my friends. Today I finalized plans with Lada for the summer; my mother is (hopefully) buying plane tickets as we speak. I will spend six days with miss Vladena in New York, will hopefully see at least Bridget, will remember just how glad I am not to live in Pelham and will rejoice in the happiness that is Lada being Lada. Being my friendly sparkly bouncy shiny Lada. Will meet her girlfriend and her friends of the poetic nature, will have the privelege of just *existing* for a while with somebody who has known me since the Very Bad Times but who has forgiven me much that came from them. If I have to do a month's worth of 9-7 lab days, fine and good, just so long as she is at the end. I miss that girl! And Cesca. And even Amanda, who has yet again come up with her own story on the world, but I don't have the energy to deal with that right now. Let it be known that I am invincible.

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