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8:17 p.m.

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Today, I... Went for a bike ride, bought a new string and jump-ring for my pentacle, did my laundry, cleaned the guest room, cleaned my room, packed and shipped a box of school stuff, and made dinner for seven. Also watched two episodes of the Avengers, which as far as I can tell is Buffy for the 60s, though my point of view is somewhat askew. There are uncles staying here tonight, hence the cleaning of the guest room and the dinner. I made a very elaborate, cajun-themed vegetarian dinner. My first truly successful experiment with tofu. And then my mother came home, walked into the middle of my preparations, and threw a pasta pot on the stove "just in case." In case of what I've never really understood. I think the general idea is, in case whatever ridiculous thing it is I think I'm doing goes awry. This time it didn't, so we had delicious cajun tofu, dirty rice, cornbread, and even fried green tomatos. And a large bowl of pasta and a tossed salad. Someday, I tell myself, I will have my own home, and my own kitchen, and when I cook, nobody will come in and interfere. Somehow this fails to be as comforting as the fact that all my dinner was consumed and acclaimed and her pasta sat unfinished. Not untouched, but unfinished. So there.

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