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6:28 p.m.

Lana feelsThe current mood of xengirl at www.imood.com

Were it not for the pounding headache I would be really happy right now. In fact, even despite the pounding headache, I'm in a really good mood. There are all these new people, many of them girls, which thrills me beyond all explaining. There are many of my old people, or there will be by Thursday. Thus far there's really only been Elly and Megan and Josh of my close friends, but between them, dorm head stuff, and unpacking all the random stuff that it would appear is supposed to live in my room with me, I'm keeping busy. Since I stepped off the train I've felt like I never left. The valley, the mountains, the school... There are little changes, sure, but I slide right back into my little niche here. I got all the classes I wanted, except for silversmithing/photography, but I'll talk to Mike when I see him and maybe we can work something out, be it instead of or as well as Intermediate Music. If not, I'll just do music, and silver on the side. I have to talk to him about doing an independent study language, too, be it italian or french literature. So lots to do before Thursday!

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