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8:51 a.m.

Lana feelsThe current mood of xengirl at www.imood.com

I hate the flashing "you're a winner" banners. I think I will become an epileptic if this continues.

Also. I think I shall start making banners. I have about 20,000 of them stored up through my two years of gold membership, and I have no readership beyond certain of my beloved friends, so I figure I might as well use them. Beloved friends are, well, beloved, but I didn't start this diary for my friends. It's a forum of bizarre ramblings occasionally interspersed with introspection and bursts of brilliance. Or so I like to believe, whatever the actuality may be. Perhaps it's just the mundane details of the life of a little gay witch at boarding school. But, in the words of Ani...

My life may not be something special, but it's never been lived before.

Besides which, I like it. It keeps me amused, this life I live. I do funny things that make no sense, I get myself into situations jampacked full of imagined drama and suspense, I find myself stuck in corners unable to form a coherent sentence, I make minor bits of trouble and the occasional life-altering discovery. Even if it's only my life, and a fairly small alteration. I live and I learn and I bounce from one wall to another and sometimes I sink to a small puddle on the floor, but it's all mine. All connected to me. And dammit, people should read about it! They should find it in peculiar searches on google, or click through from other diaries where it is linked in a clever and amusing fashion. They should sign my guestbook.

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