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12:30 p.m.

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The first substance busts of the year came last night, and it was ugly. Last night in general was excessively chaotic and resulted in my staying up until nearly two in the morning, which was no good since I wanted to get up early and be productive today. I have a philosophy essay quiz that I have to get done within the next hour or so, and I promised Tom I'd make a blocking book, and I have to see about getting costumes moving and under some form of control, and I wanted to go to City Market and get pumpkins and sparkling apple cider, and make apple muffins, and see if I can't find a better recipe for pumpkin muffins, and all the fall stuff that I so much want to get done. The full moon is what, tomorrow, and then there's Samhain coming up. And Parent's Weekend and Coffeehouse, and then the play in three or four weeks, and I'm going to be in discipline committee meetings all next week dealing with the busts from last night, and I have classes and homework to deal with too, and college apps, and planning senior project... Everything. It gets so hectic here. I love it, mostly, but it's hectic. At least my parents aren't coming this year, so that's one fewer complication for me to deal with. I can smile at the dormlings' visitors, and hole up in my room and do homework, or hang out with Cesca, or whatever needs doing.

Last night, in the midst of all the chaos, we were watching movies so the adults milling through the dorm would forget we were there. We watched Sleepy Hollow, which for the most part is a silly movie in which a lot of people faint, but it gave me an idea for a twisted fairy tale. There are all these stories about two sisters in a bad situation and one gets saved and brought up by nobility and the other goes off and becomes a rotten apple. I think I should write one in reverse, where the one who gets saved eventually comes back and finds the peaceful peasant sister and it turns out that she was happier after all, carousing in the woods with her pagan friends. Something like that. Now philosophy.

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