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8:53 a.m.

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I am victorious and I can't even find it within myself to say "hah!" as I generally would in a state of vindication. I'm just relieved. Our headmaster is a beaurocratic idiot, but I don't think he's malicious. I don't have to hate him anymore. He's going to give me my best friend back.

I went in there yesterday, all dressed up in my spiderwebs and velvet, and sat in a chair across from his desk. He spent ten minutes or so explaining to me how much he wanted this to be a conversation, how he didn't want to do all the talking, how he wanted me to be able to say what I needed to say. I smiled politely and nodded to show I was still listening, and waited and waited for him to shut up. Which, eventually, he did. After explaining to me that though he knew he didn't have a close relationship with many of the students, he thought that ours was one of the better ones, that we could really be warm to each other, that I had nothing to worry about talking to him because he really liked me and thought I was a good kid and that we should just be honest with each other and have a conversation and he appreciated the way I went about initiating this conversation and he could tell I'm a reasonable person because blah, blah, blah. Nod, smile politely, refrain from fidgeting or interrupting. Cross ankles. Uncross ankles. Re-cross ankles. Lather, rinse, repeat ad naseum. So finally the man shut up and let me talk. I told him I was there because I want my best friend back, that I don't know exactly the specifics behind her banishment, though I can imagine because I know her well, and then he's off again. Another twenty minutes of beaurocracy, more nodding and smiling. I say a few things, he says a few more things, and by the end of the meeting he's decided that we can try having her back on a trial basis, putting out the welcome mat in the kitchen on weekend afternoons/evenings, which I assume but will confirm means also in the dorm and the yurt. He's incompetent but he's not evil, and I've gained back some respect for him just because he was able to admit that maybe he was wrong and to do something about it. He's "taking pulses" at faculty meeting on Monday, I talked to Cesca about it last night when we were trick-r-treating, and we're going to meet on Tuesday to go over specifics. Relief. Easing of tensions. I feel so much better.

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