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8:49 a.m.

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and when I talk about therapy I know what people think, that it only makes you selfish and in love with your shrink, but oh how I've loved everybody else since I finally got to talk so much about myself... - Dar Williams

I wonder sometimes if that's what diaryland's about. Cheap therapy for the oddball masses who don't mind their/our life stories spread across pages. I wonder about the things people write. We can't write about every single thing we do, not if we want to get meaning out of any of it. I tried, sometimes I still try. Sometimes it's a good way to get going in the writing groove. Today I went here and did this with that person and we had fun. Joy to the world amen. But what is it that catches our attention in those stories? What detail in somebody's writing makes me think I should go find the link to their older entries page, what moment in my own life do I really want to examine? What is it about my own life that catches my attention? I have all these questions and sometimes I believe Socrates was right when he said that the answers are all within us if we listen hard enough. Sometimes I think that it is only through discovering and looking at and in my case, writing through, those moments of interest that we can even begin to understand. The big question is, what is it that I'm trying so hard to understand in the first place?

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