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3:22 p.m.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year... Except for the whole finals thing. But that's playing in the kitchen and it's warm in there and Jeff's singing along and if Peter was there it would all be perfect. Even without him, it's nice. Philosophy's done, Drama Lit in half an hour. Tonight I finish my cheat-sheet for Geometry and work on my Psychology review, tomorrow I have Geometry and then I think I'm going to go spend the day reviewing Psych at Java Joes, or something equally studentish.

I went Friday night with Heather and Cesca's mom to see Cesca perform at Yampah's plays-and-songs night. She was, as always, amazing. So beautiful, my best friend, so chock-full of spirit. Don't know what I would do without her. And we're going to Chicago!!!!! Going to spend three weeks living together and doing the exploring the city thing, and just being us. She doesn't have to deal with her family and I'll have her as a shield from mine. She'll meet Em'ly and Heather and any other Chicago-people I can get ahold of, we'll go museuming and shopping and otherwise exploring, and I get to spend three weeks with the best friend I don't see nearly enough of. And I get to escape the present overload of CRMS drama.

Drama. Jessica is drama incarnate these days and I don't know why. First she's mad at her new friends, and I listen to her ranting about that and try as hard as I can just to let her vent, not to try to reason with her, no matter how much I want to. Then she's mad at Megan and Greg and again with the listening, and it's not at all that I mind listening because she's my friend and that's what friends do for each other. Listen and try not to take sides. But it seems like she wants me to take sides, and she wants me to always take her side, and that's just not how I do things! And now she's locked her diary and I don't think she's speaking to me and I just don't understand what I did to piss her off. I know it had something to do with not telling her to go away, but in my book it's considerably ruder to say to somebody "I'm going to ignore your hints and not move until you expressly ask me to go away" than it is for me to say to her that I can't write with somebody staring at my computer screen. I just don't get what she's got up her ass lately, but I don't like her bizarre possessiveness and I'm just sick of trying to second-guess her every time she gets mad at me. Drama, drama, drama, and I'm so done dealing with it.

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